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A Pirate’s Life

Based on the Dungeons & Dragons character created by Leslie. Dusk had fallen over the ocean about a day’s journey from the nearest port. Eevil steadied her equine legs behind the helm of her captain’s ship, Fool’s Gold, and kept her hands on the wheel. “Captain, I don’t think this is a very good idea. This new crew…” Eevil’s voice […]


I’m channeling my inner Dungeon Master! The rest of October’s roleplaying posts will all be connected. With this first post, there are three maps for a farm and its farmhouse. All have been hand drawn by me, so Leslie can focus on other projects. As usual, you are welcome to use these maps for any of your […]

Feats and Feet of Clay (IX): French Open Day 9 Preview

Extended over three sets and two days, Henin and Sharapova contributed another worthy entry in a rivalry no less classy than it is classic.  Despite the almost unparalleled intensity of both competitors, the Belgian and the Russian demonstrated their mutual respect with the gracious, sincere handshake above as well as courteous comments aplenty in prematch […]

Start Your Engines: WTA Stuttgart Preview

The cliche says that a girl’s best friends are diamonds, but the entry list for the Porsche event in Stuttgart suggests that WTA stars must be very good friends with splashy sports cars as well.  Even after the withdrawals of Venus and Clijsters, the 30-player field is saturated with talent to the extent normally associated […]

5 (+1) Plotlines to Ponder: ATP Miami Edition

Novak Djokovic enjoys pondering the countless curiosities in life, whether it be the delicate art of balancing his racket, the stylish brunette nibbling strawberries in the front row, or the aforementioned strawberries themselves.  Consequently, he serves as the poster boy for our discussion of the five potential narratives that could emerge from the men’s tournament.  […]

5 (+1) Plotlines to Ponder: WTA Miami Edition

Maria has a brief respite from the eternal conundrum of “to challenge or not to challenge,” but our wheels are turning rapidly as we contemplate the WTA draw.  We’ll mention five potential narratives, any or all of which could define the women’s tournament, before inserting a sixth “narrative” for your amusement. 1)  How much will we […]